Apple's Secret Gym: An Example of Excellence

· Jeff Butts · News

Apple's secret gym

Metabolic carts, ECGs, and a $40,000 sensor mask are just a few of the things you’ll find in Apple’s secret gym, along with the usual fare of rowers, stationary bikes, and cable machines.

Leaked Pics Hint at Pulse Oximeter in Fitbit Smartwatch

· Jeff Gamet · News

Rendering showing Fitbit smartwatch with pulse oximeter sensor

Last week Fitbit said its smartwatch will ship later this year, and now we’re seeing leaked images of their Apple Watch competitor. Based on the renderings that just surfaced, it’s possible it may include a pulse oximeter—something the Apple Watch doesn’t have.

FDA Program Could Streamline Apple Glucose Monitor

· Andrew Orr · News

The FDA wants to speed up its review and approval processes for digital health products. Could this be a sign that the Apple glucose monitor is on its way?

Apple Dethrones Fitbit as the Top Wearables Maker

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Apple takes top wearables maker slot from Fitbit

Apple has taken over Fitbit’s position as the top wearables maker for the first quarter of 2017. Wearable device shipments are on the rise, as are Apple’s sales, but Fitbit’s numbers are declining and the company laid off over 100 employees earlier this year.

Jawbone Bails Out of Consumer Fitness Tracker Market

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Jawbone exits consumer fitness trackers for pro medical health devices

Apple and Fitbit are about to lose a competitor because Jawbone is ready to shut down its consumer fitness tracker business. The company is shifting to devices for health care providers.

Here's What We Wanted to Bring Home from CES 2017

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CES 2017 staff favorites

Every year we head out to CES on Las Vegas to see what’s in store for the electronics world. We see some products that are pretty cool, and some that shouldn’t ever see the light of day, and we see some we want to take home with us right now. Read on to see what we wanted to sneak into our suitcases and add to our personal tech collections.

CES 2017 Wrap Up - TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-09

· Jeff Gamet · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

With CES 2017 behind us, Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about what stood out for them. They look at health and fitness, televisions, and more.

Garmin fenix 5 Watches at CES 2017

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Garmin wants to keep you looking fashionable when you’re exploring outdoors or just around town with its fenix 5 watches. Cesar Palacios shows Jeff Gamet what you can do with Garmin’s latest smartwatches at CES 2017.

CES 2017 Smart Remotes, Mesh Networks, and More - TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-04

· Jeff Gamet · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

CES 2017’s Unveiled event was last night and we saw loads of interesting new products. Dave Hamilton, Bryan Chaffin, and John F. Braun join Jeff Gamet share some of the cool tech gear they found ranging from smart remotes for home entertainment systems to new wireless mesh network basestations.

CES 2017 Expectations and Predictions- TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-03

· Jeff Gamet · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

CES 2017 is kicking off, so today Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet talk about what they expect to be the big product categories at this year’s events. Be sure to follow along all week for The Mac Observer’s on-location coverage.

Apple Watch Users get 5K Challenge for Thanksgiving

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Apple Watch 5K Thanksgiving Challenge

Apple Watch owners got a special challenge Monday morning when Apple urged them to walk, run, or wheelchair 3.1 miles, or 5K, on November 24th. That’s the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, so instead of spending the day binging on turkey, pie, and watching football, Apple is pushing to get people outside and active by offering a special Thanksgiving Day Challenge badge.

Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2 Available Oct 28

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Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2 coming October 28

If you’ve been holding out for the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2, you can finally put a date on your calendar. Apple will start selling the sports and fitness-focused version of its smartwatch on October 28.

How to Recalibrate Apple Watch Fitness Tracking

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Apple Watch fitness tracking recalibration how to

Let’s say you followed my advice and calibrated your Apple Watch for better step count and distance accuracy, but something went wonky now it’s wrong again. That’s an easy fix, and a great excuse to get outside to walk some more. Read on to learn how to reset your Apple Watch fitness tracking calibration.