Adobe Shares Sneak Peek of 'Vectorize' Feature for iPad

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

On Tuesday, Adobe shared a sneak peek of the all new Vectorize feature, the next evolution of image tracing, coming soon to Illustrator on the iPad. Built on Adobe Sensei machine learning technology, Vectorize will enable users to transform any image and hand-drawn sketch into a crisp vector graphic with enhanced precision and control. This feature is especially powerful for creatives, who save time with the ability to go from paper sketches to designing on the iPad quicker, and gain the freedom to create anywhere with the mobility of the iPad and Apple Pencil. Vectorize is a Technology Preview and its performance will improve with time.

Adobe Shares Sneak Peek of ‘Vectorize’ Feature for iPad

iOS: How to Use Assistive Touch

· Jeff Butts · How-To

iOS How to Use Assistive Touch

For folks with limited use of their hands, some tasks on iPhone are particularly challenging. Assistive Touch can help with those struggles.

The Joys of Multiple Mac Monitors

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac shows you how to get more screen real estate for free (as long as your Mac and iPad are new enough…)

Geeks Scheming about Apple's California Streaming — Mac Geek Gab 890

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Apple announced new iPhones, iPads, Fitness+ features, Watches, and more on Tuesday, and your two favorite geeks are here to share their reactions. On top of that, listen for Dave’s pre-review of iOS 15 for you and John, as well as advice on how to approach next week’s upgrade. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

Great Suggestions For Repurposing an Older iPad Before You Recycle it

· Charlotte Henry · Link

It’s always somewhat sad to let an old iPad go to the great recycle bin in the sky, especially as they tend to still be fairly functional. Earlier this week, the Digital Story podcast offered some great suggestions for repurposing the device and getting a bit more life out of it. I really like some of these.

#1 – Fantastic Audio/Visual Remote and Channel Guide I’ve been using my iPhone to surf my Comcast channel guide. It worked fine. Then one day I had the bright idea to use an old iPad mini. Wow! What a difference screen real estate makes. I can can leave it right there on the coffee table. Plus it works nicely for Apple TV and other services. #2 – DIY CarPlay for Older Vehicles I love my 2007 Audi A3, and I doubt that I will ever sell it. But I do miss it having that handy LCD screen that every modern car sports these days. An iPad mini with cellular is a beautiful upgrade. I use a Padcaster for iPad Mini 1-3 frame that actually looks really nice with the interior of the car. And it’s quick release mounted so I can slide the device under the seat of the car when I’m not in it.