Intels Warns of Spectre Variant 4 Chip Vulnerability

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iMac with monsters

Intel has a new report out describing what the chip maker is calling a Spectre-like vulnerability dubbed Variant 4 that exploits the CPU’s speculative execution mechanism so hackers can potentially get at sensitive information on your computer.

Apple Drops Lightning to USB-C Cable from $25 to $19

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The cost for a Lightning to USB-C cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your new Mac isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Last month, the cable cost $25, and now it’s $19. That’s great because it seems like a cable should’ve included. If we take a big logic leap, maybe it’s also a hint that Apple is dropping USB A from more Mac models soon.

Apple Drops Lightning to USB-C Cable from $25 to $19

How to See Where Apple Tracks You on Your iPhone and iPad

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iOS 11 Significant Location settings

Your iPhone and iPad use Location Services to track places you go that it deems important to you. That’s either really cool, or super creepy, depending on your point of view. Here’s how to see the significant locations where your iPhone and iPad have tracked you.

iOS 12 Hints at Face ID for iPad Line

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iOS 12 and Face ID on the iPad

Apple is planning on bringing landscape orientation support to Face ID in iOS 12, which sure sounds like a feature for an iPad that unlocks using your face instead of your fingerprint.