New Hope for App Hoarders

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Dr. Mac recounts his struggle to migrate only some of the apps on his old iPad to a new iPad, and how iMazing delivered exactly what he wanted.

Adobe Announces a Mobile Bundle for iPad Apps

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adobe mobile design bundle on iPad

Adobe announced on Tuesday its Adobe Design Mobile Bundle as a subscription plan. It will cost US$14.99/month or US$149.99/year.

The Design Mobile Bundle includes Photoshop on the iPad, Illustrator on the iPad, and Fresco on the iPad and the iPhone, as well as Adobe Spark, the Creative Cloud Mobile app, and the benefits of Creative Cloud services, including 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio and Behance.

Emulating Mac Plus, Mac II, and Mac 128K on iOS

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Ex-Apple Technology Evangelist Matt Sephton tweeted a photo of painting on an iPad Pro in the style of Mac OS 7, otherwise known as System 7. He shared a way to do this via software emulation. A tool on GitHub called Mini vMac lets you emulate Mac Plus, Mac II, and Mac 128K on your iDevice. It requires iOS 9 or later, a ROM image from one of the three systems, and disk images with Mac software.

Emulating Mac Plus, Mac II, and Mac 128K on iOS

iPad Helps Australian Primary School Drive Innovation And Creativity, Navigate COVID-19 Pandemic

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St Therese Catholic School iPad

Apple has revealed the story of an Australian primary school that put technology, particularly iPad, at the heart of its work to keep students engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. St Therese Catholic Primary School in Sadleir Miller has students from 50 different cultures, 73 percent of whom are from non-English-speaking backgrounds and three-quarters of whom have English as their second language. Principal Michelle McKinnon explained how years of integrating technology helped drive innovation and creativity amongst her students, as well as guide them through the pandemic.

“The creativity of our students really hit us — they were so clever at sharing what they’d learned,” says McKinnon. “Students shared their own passions and interests more freely in the remote setting, revealing previously undiscovered talents and strengths.” A self-directed learning program invited children to showcase their talents by selecting their own research topics while they studied at home. Using Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Text to Speech, and stop-motion animation, students shared their findings on subjects as wide-ranging as the Great Barrier Reef, painter Vincent van Gogh, and disease prevention in horses. During lockdown, students used the Seesaw app to create digital schoolwork portfolios and share them with teachers. These proved so popular with students, teachers, and families that they are now standard practice at St Therese.

2021 iPad Pro Could Have an A14X Chip

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A14X chip

Code found within the iOS 14.5 beta 5 release hints that the 2021 iPad Pros could have an A14X chip based on the M1 chip for Macs.

In-Game Video Returning to MLB Dugout iPads, but MLB.TV Off Apple TV Third Gen

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The Astros used Blast Baseball with an iPad Pro during the 2017 World Series.

In-game video is set to return to iPads used by MLB team dugouts when the season starts on April 1. However, AppleInsider noted this is happening at the same time the has been removed from third generation Apple TVs.

Major League Baseball will be allowing teams to watch video of the game in progress once again, following a period of absence. As part of its changes for the 2021 season, MLB is once again allowing video to be piped through to teams on iPads in each dugout. The league has extensively used iPads in the past, providing the tablets to staff and players for performance examination and analytics. Following a ban until 2015, the program started in 2016, and ran smoothly for a number of years, with the iPad Pro initially the tool of choice… While players will be able to watch the game from the dugout, owners of the third-generation Apple TV won’t be able to do the same on their devices. Support for the app was pulled late in February, preventing it from being used on the older video streaming device.

Chick-fil-A Uses FaceTime and iPads to Speed Up Drive-Thru

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Chick-fil-A has been experiencing big drive-thru lines during the pandemic and it’s using Apple technology to speed it up.

The chain stands out from the drive-thru crowd in large part thanks to its workers with iPads who take orders from cars even before they reach the window.

“Some restaurants are using [FaceTime] during extreme weather as another measure to protect Team Members and/or for additional social distancing during COVID,” Chick-fil-A said in a statement.

Rumors Claim Apple to Hold March 16 Event

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apple march 2021 event rumor

Korea’s Economic Daily News cites two leakers who claim Apple plans to hold a March 16 event this year for an iPad Pro, iPad mini, and AirTags.

The 2021 Apple Platform Security Guide is Here

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Apple regularly shares security guides for each of its systems, and today it shared its 2021 Platform Security guide for all of its systems.

‘Clean Text’ From ApiMac is the Closest Tool to TextEdit for iOS

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I believe Clean Text is the purest expression of plain text editing for iPhones and iPads, like TextEdit on Mac. I’ve been gradually transitioning my notes into plain text. I still use Apple Notes for its rich text and support for images. But plain text is a great backup solution. Clean Text doesn’t try to force you into its own note-taking paradigm; in fact it’s not a traditional note-taking app at all. Unlike other note-takers I’ve used, Clean Text, as the name suggests, cleans your text. It has tools to fix line breaks, join paragraphs, remove empty lines, replace tabs with spaces, and lots more. When you’re done you can copy the text to another app or export it to Files. One note at a time without a subscription or in-app purchase. One up front purchase of US$0.99. I created a shortcut that copies text from the input (share a plain text file to it) and opens Clean Text where you can paste it. Good for quickly editing a text file from Files.

‘Clean Text’ From ApiMac is the Closest Tool to TextEdit for iOS