New Mexico School District Employee Sentenced For Part in Scheme Stealing Students' iPods

A school district employee in New Mexico named Kristy Stock has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for being part of a scheme looking to steal and resell over 3,000 iPods. Engadget reported the devices were meant to go to Native American students.

While overseeing the program, Stock was supposed to use federal grant money to buy iPods to distribute to students. However, thanks to help from other conspirators including her friend James Bender and Saurabh Chawla, the group ended up shipping the stolen iPods to Maryland where they were listed on eBay before being sold at a “substantial” markup. Due to his own account having previously been suspended due to security concerns, Chawla was forced to use Bender’s eBay account to list the stolen devices for auction, with Bender serving as an intermediary. Later, between 2015 and 2018, Stock communicated directly with Chawla, providing info on the make, model, color and quantity of devices before agreeing on a price and putting them up for auction.

Cast of 'The Office' Reveal How The iPod Video Helped Save The Show

Mashable writes how cast members of hit TV show The Office say that Apple, along with the iPod video, helped propel the show to stardom.

“It was young people with their iPods who knew how to set up an iTunes account because their parents didn’t,” Rainn Wilson said. “I think that blindsided everybody, including NBC, that we would be so popular with young people. The fact that we’re most popular with 22 to 25 year olds is really astonishing…”

iPod Click Wheel Arrived on This Day in 2004

The iPod was already a pretty big deal by the time the fourth generation of the music player was released. And then the Click Wheel was introduced. As Cult of Mac noted, the control mechanism was already in place on the mini version.

The biggest addition was the same Click Wheel that Apple introduced with the iPod mini earlier in 2004. Rather than featuring a physical scroll wheel with separate buttons surrounding it, the iPod Click Wheel combined all the device’s controls. The new solid-state, touch-sensitive scroll wheel sat flush with the face of the iPod. The fourth-gen iPod brought other small improvements, too. For instance, it was the first full-size iPod that could be charged via USB 2.0. This signaled Apple’s move away from the award-winning FireWire technology that had been a key part of the company’s “digital hub” strategy of the late 1990s.

The Day the 100 Millionth iPod Was Sold

Given the success of the iPhone, it is perhaps all too easy to forget quite how groundbreaking the iPod was. In its latest ‘Today in Apple History’ piece, Cult of Mac looks back to the day in 2007 when the 100 millionth iPod was sold, making it the most popular Apple product in history at the time.

By April 2007, Apple had released more than 10 iPod models: five original iPods, two iPod minis, two iPod nano, and two iPod shuffles. The devices spawned an enormous ecosystem of more than 4,000 accessories, from cases to standalone speakers. Plus, upward of 70 percent of cars produced in the United States in 2007 offered iPod connectivity. Along with the success of the iTunes Music Store — the third-biggest music store in the United States at the time — the iPod represented Apple’s ascendancy to the pinnacle of the tech world… “At this historic milestone, we want to thank music lovers everywhere for making iPod such an incredible success,” said Steve Jobs in a statement issued by Apple. “iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that.”

This Person Hacked His iPod to Stream Spotify Using Raspberry Pi

Guy Dupont recently hacked an old iPod to stream Spotify. He used a Raspberry PI Zero W and a custom UI built using Python. Additionally, he fitted a 1000 mAh batter into it, a motor for haptic feedback, and a 2-inch LCD Adafruit display. “My mother-in-law recently gifted me a bag of the family’s retired iPods. I had forgotten how good it feels to hold and use one of these things. Naturally, I decided to modify one. I wanted to supply some modern features (streaming, search, Bluetooth audio, etc), while paying homage to the amazing UX that Apple originally released almost 20 years ago.”

Former Apple Software Engineer David Shayer - BGM Interview

David Shayer worked as an Apple software engineer for 18 years. He worked on the Apple Watch, iPod, and Radar, Apple’s bug tracking system, among other projects. He was an independent Mac software developer for a decade, and clients included Apple, Microsoft, Symantec and the U.S. Navy.

David told about how he learned to program, some of which was on an Apple II and some on a Mac in the 1980s. He went on to tell me about how he was hired by Apple. Twice. The second time he worked on the iPod file system and database. In the process he learned how Apple products are designed, and that included some great stories about Steve Jobs, his design sense, and the iPod team’s interaction with Jobs. There were other fascinating Steve Jobs stories. We finished with his revealing article about how Apple OS software development works.

GQ's History of Cool Examines White Apple Earbuds

Johnathon Heaf writes how Apple’s white earbuds changed the industry forever. It all started with the iPod.

The “silhouette campaign” ads, which I’m sure many of you remember more than the early hardware, focused on the white earbuds that came with each iPod – a design feature that Ive has since stated was pure serendipity.

When he first saw the ads, Steve Jobs was worried the iPod wasn’t visible enough. Yet they were popular because they were fun and emotive.


Can WALTR 2 Really Be Your iTunes Replacement?

When you’re looking for an iTunes replacement, you want something that can do just about everything Apple’s software can do, but better. WALTR has been a good contender in this arena, and WALTR 2 offers functionality that iTunes doesn’t. The question is, does it work as designed? Come along with Jeff Butts as he reviews WALTR 2 and uncovers how well it performs.

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