Running Mac OS 8 on iPhone X and iPad to Play Warcraft II and SimCity 2000

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Check out this great video by YouTuber Hacking Jules where he runs Mac OS 8 on both an iPhone X and iPad (via Cult of Mac). Better yet, he uses this bit of retro fun to play Warcraft II and SimCity 2000! Now that is a quality use of resources. ::dreams idly about whiling away weeks and months playing Warcraft II and designing his own scenarios:: Right…where was I? Oh, yes, running Mac OS 8 on iPhones an iPads! Hacking Jules did this with the help of the Basilisk II 68K emulator, and the whole thing is a fine demonstration of just how powerful these modern mobile devices are. In any event, enjoy!

Mac Keyboards, Trusting Facebook, and Being Profitable and Green - ACM 457

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In this episode, Bryan and Jeff discuss Mac keyboards, and what they like about clicky, long-throw keyboards, including the Azio Classic Retro BT keyboard Bryan just reviewed. They also go through a thought experiment on whether Facebook could ever earn our trust on privacy by radically reshaping their policies. They cap the show with a look at how Apple manages to be profitable and green, both.

How to Change DNS Entries on the Mac

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iMac with macOS Network Settings

If you aren’t happy using the default DNS servers your ISP or local coffee shop provides with your Mac, you can change them. It’s pretty easy to do. Follow along to learn how.

Add Cool Text Styles to Your Tweets with Textlicious for the iPhone and iPad

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I love cool type tools, so I have to assume Will Shipley created Textlicious specifically for me. Textlicious is an iOS extension that lets you use styled text in iPhone and iPad apps that typically don’t easily support anything other than plain text. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Messages, for example. It includes several styles such as italics, bold, script, and more. Textlicious is US$1.99 on Apple’s App Store, and there’s a Mac version available, too.

Add Cool Text Styles to Your Tweets with Textlicious for the iPhone and iPad