We Love Dongle World – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 772

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

We Love Dongle World – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 772

Live from MacStock Conference and Expo 2019, John and Dave play Stump the Geek and take listener questions live, with a little help from impromptu co-host Kelly Guimont! Learn about APFS and Fusion Drives, iPhones making sounds when they’re not supposed to, and why we love Dongle World as much as we do. Press play and learn at least five new things!

Twelve South's StayGo is a New USB-C Hub

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Twelve South has a lot of great tech gear, and today it’s releasing the StayGo USB-C hub. A lot of USB-C hubs are designed to be used with MacBooks. StayGo is desktop-friendly, which means the cords are long enough to tuck away behind your desk. But if you do use it with a MacBook is has a smaller travel cable that can be stored directly inside the device. It has Gigabit Ethernet to connect to super-fast wired networks and servers. The hub also has both SD and Micro SD card readers that can connect & download simultaneously, giving you an easy way to transfer high-resolution photos or 4K video for editing. Connections include 4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A 3.0 (x3), independent SD + Micro-SD card slots and 85W USB-C pass-thru power. You can buy it for US$99.99.

Twelve South’s StayGo is a New USB-C Hub

Apple Sells Exclusive Satechi USB-C Adapter

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple is selling a Satechi USB-C adapter exclusively in its store. It has a USB-C power port, USB-A, SD, and microSD readers, and an HDMI port.

The Multiport Pro Adapter comes in space gray and is priced at $70, the same as what Apple’s first-party USB-C adapter normally sells for (but doesn’t have SD readers like Satechi’s new adapter). Notably, Satechi’s Multiport Pro Adapter is the only third-party USB-C hub that Apple is selling.