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How to Set a Timer for Music on Your iPhone

· Jeff Gamet · Video Tip

You can use the Clock app on your iPhone to stop music from playing after a preset amount of time, which is handy if you want to play music while you fall asleep. Watch our video tip to learn how.

Better Apple App, Music, and Book Searches with

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Finding just what you want on Apple’s app, music, book, and video stores can be frustrating, which is why fnd is such a cool, well, find. The website lets you search across all of Apple’s content stores along with video charts you can filter. For example, you can see all of the top free iPhone apps in the US App Store. It also has integrations for Alfred and Launch Center Pro. The website is free to use, and a much better experience than Apple’s own store search options.

Better Apple App, Music, and Book Searches with

4 More Must-have Mac Menu Bar Add-ons

· Jeff Gamet · News

We have four more great Mac menu bar add-ons to follow up from last week’s list. They’ll all help do even more with your Mac, so read on to see our list.

How to Customize Control Center on Your iPhone and iPad

· Jeff Gamet · Video Tip

Even though Control Center has been part of iOS for years, a lot of people don’t know that it’s customizable. Watch our video to learn how to include just the items you want in Control Center on your iPhone and iPad.

Quit Every Running App on Your Mac the Easy Way with Amico App's Quit All

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Quitting all the open apps on your Mac involves a lot of Command-Q typing or building your own Automator action, or now just installing Quit All from Amico Apps. This cool app lets you quit every running app on your Mac from the menu bar with a mouse click, and you can view and quit hidden processes, too. You can also force quit frozen apps, or quit just the one or two apps you don’t need running. Quit All costs US$5 and is available for download at the Amico Apps website.

Quit Every Running App on Your Mac the Easy Way with Amico App’s Quit All

Netflix Teases Cowboy Bebop Live Action Series with OMG Awesome Photos

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

As if the anticipation for the live-action version of Cowboy Bebop isn’t already high enough, Netflix started posting photos from the series on Twitter on Monday. The original anime series from 1998 followed the adventures of space bounty hunters, and the photos so far seem pretty faithful to the source material. The live-action Cowboy Bebop premieres on Netflix on November 19. See you space cowboy…

Cowboy Bebop live action series cast walking in an alley

Today at Apple Session Shows How to Shoot Portait Pics with Mark Clennon

· Jeff Gamet · Link

Apple released a new Today at Apple video on Friday with tips on shooting portrait photos on an iPhone with professional photographer Mark Clennon. Mark is a New York-based photographer who has worked with TIME Magazine, Netflix, Esquire, Marvel, Forbes, Sony/RCA, and a long list of other companies and publications. The video has some great tips and is worth checking out.