How to Export Apple Card Data to a Spreadsheet

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Colorful apple card

At first Apple Card was locked down from money management apps, but there’s now a middle ground: Export Apple Card data to a spreadsheet.

How to Add an Apple Gift Card to Wallet in iOS 13

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Tip

Apple wallet icon

If you got an Apple Store gift card for Christmas you can easily add it to your Wallet, so you can just use your phone to make a purchase.

How to Sign Up For Disney+ and Bill to Your Apple ID

· John Martellaro · Quick Tip

Disney+ logo

The nominal way to sign up for Disney+ is to go to and create an account. But it’s also possible to sign up from within the tvOS or iOS app and bill the subscription to your Apple ID. John explains how to do it—and the advantages.

5 of My Favorite Apps and Games of 2019

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Andrew compiled a list of his favorite apps and games he used in 2019: Stardew Valley, Chronicle, Paprika 3, Jumbo, and Lockdown.

macOS Catalina: How to Make the Cursor Bigger

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Apple’s operating systems have a lot of accessibility settings, and one of them is a way to make the cursor bigger on macOS.

Getting Started With Your New Apple Presents

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Image of apple’s settings app

Apple devices are popular gifts, and you or a friend or family member probably got one for the holidays. Here’s what do do with them.

How to Scan Documents Direct to Mail in iOS 13

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Tip

Apple mail logo

iOS 13 has a tool which allows users to scan documents directly within the Mail app, and send the document as an attachement.