How to Scan Documents Direct to Mail in iOS 13

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Tip

iOS 13 has a tool which allows users to scan documents directly within the Mail app, and send the document as an attachement.

Here’s How to Get Your Apple Music Replay Mix

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Apple Music Replay lets you see the top songs, artists, and albums you’ve listened to this year. Here’s where to find it and download it.

How to Sign up for Apple News Email Newsletter

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You can sign up for an Apple News email newsletter to get daily updates on the top stories of the day, handpicked by Apple editors.

Here's How to Track UPS Packages in 2019

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We’ve covered all of the other popular package services, now we’ll show you where you can track UPS packages.

TMO's Early Thanksgiving Deals

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Our friends at Stack Commerce have put together a bunch of deals for the holiday weekend, including some great coupon codes.

How to Use the Scan Tool in iOS 13

· Charlotte Henry · Tips

Apple introduced a document scanning feature in iOS 13 that allows users to scan multi-page documents and save them locally or in the cloud.

5 Phone Car Mounts for Uber and Lyft Drivers

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It’s pretty common for Uber and Lyft drivers to use phone car mounts. We’ve found five of them for you to check out.