'The Problem With Jon Stewart' Showrunner Brinda Adhikari Discusses Hiring and THAT Jeff Bezos Trailer

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brinda Adhikar, showrunner on The Problem With Jon Stewart, gave an insight into how episodes of the show are created. She also discussed the infamous trailer depicting Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos in Space.

That decision was purely based on an opportunity that was too good to pass up, which is that Jeff Bezos was going up in space. And we had made this thing because we knew he was going up, but we didn’t know Richard Branson was going to beat him to it and we didn’t know that he’d be wearing a cowboy hat. So, the thing that we were parodying was becoming reality and we were just like, how do we sit on this for a month? We can’t. It was kismet.

Jon Stewart Explains Why New Apple TV+ Series is Not ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart is the cover star in the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter [available with an Apple News+ subscription]. In an extensive interview, he explains why his new biweekly series coming to Apple TV+ Is very much not The Daily Show.

I like that this is more of a conversation. It’s probably a terrible pitch for the show — “it’s The Daily Show, but less entertaining” — but also maybe more complete. And people will ask, “How are you going to live up to expectations?” Well, I’m not, and I never have. That’s not why we do it. We make things, and sometimes those things disappoint people and sometimes they really like them.

How Many Times Was The 'Ted Lasso' Intro Music Heard at The Emmys?

If you were watching the Emmys on Sunday you probably noticed the Ted Lasso intro music was played a lot. Luckily, Vulture kept score and shared exactly how many times viewers heard that now-famous “yeaaaah.”

Apple TV+’s lovable transatlantic football comedy Ted Lasso went into this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony as a record-breaker, with an unprecedented 20 nominations across various categories. But what the Emmys maybe failed to realize when they heaped those noms upon Ted Lasso was that every time one was announced during the ceremony, some anonymous wielder-of-the-aux (Reggie Watts, perhaps?) played the same few seconds of the show’s music — namely, the most famous yeeeeeeaahh to start off a theme song this side of CSI. So how many times did we hear that ripper of a note by *checks notes* Marcus Mumford? Really???