AdGuard: 'People Should be Worried About Apple CSAM Detection'

Adblocking company AdGuard is the latest to offer commentary on Apple’s controversial decision to detect CSAM in iCloud Photos. The team ponders ways to block it using their AdGuard DNS technology.

We consider preventing uploading the safety voucher to iCloud and blocking CSAM detection within AdGuard DNS. How can it be done? It depends on the way CSAM detection is implemented, and before we understand it in details, we can promise nothing particular.

Who knows what this base can turn into if Apple starts cooperating with some third parties? The base goes in, the voucher goes out. Each of the processes can be obstructed, but right now we are not ready to claim which solution is better and whether it can be easily incorporated into AdGuard DNS. Research and testing are required.

Speed Testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1

The latest beta of iOS 15 is available now for both developers and the public. The team over at Geeky Gadgets have put the newest build through its paces on a number of devices, both new and older. They’ve also compared boot-up times and app speeds to iOS 14.7.1 on the same devices. The results of speed testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1 seem a bit surprising.

In the speed test with the iPhone XR the device running the new iOS 15 beta 6 was the first handset to boot up. There were no major speed improvements in the apps.

In the final speed test with the iPhone 11 the device running the iOS 14.7.1 softwarewas the first to boot up, there are no noticeable speed improvements in the apps.


Mac Gaming, Crypto Credit Cards, iOS 15, with Jeff Butts - ACM 553

Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Butts talk about the current state of Mac gaming, with Jeff focusing on improved Mac support at Steam. They also dive deeper into crypto credit cards where you can either spend your crypto and/or earn cryptocurrency rewards like Bitcoin on your purchases. And, Jeff has been deep into iOS 15 betas, and he talks about some of his favorite new features.