Apple Beats Guidance with Record Revenue of $78.4B and EPS of $3.36 [Update]

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Apple with a big pile of money

Apple announced Tuesday record revenue for its December quarter of US$78.4 billion, as well as record earnings per share (EPS) of $3.36. That’s up from $75.9 billion in revenue in the year-ago quarter with EPS of $3.28. [Update: This article has been updated with additional details. – Editor]

The iOS Chrome Browser Is Now Open Source

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iOS chrome browser banner

After several years of switching the code, Google made the iOS Chrome browser open source. For the past several years the Chrome team has been updating the code in order to bring it under the Chromium Project. Since iOS browsers must use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine, the app had to support that as well as Google’s Blink engine.

Winners of the TMO Roddenberry Vault Giveaway Announced

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Star Trek's NCC-1701 Star Ship Enterprise

On January 9th, TMO published our Background Mode interview with producer Rod Roddenberry. As part of that podcast, Rod generously provided TMO with three copies of his new release, The Rodddenberry Vault, on Blu-ray, to give away. The three randomly selected winners, who correctly answered a question about the podcast audio, have been announced.

Black AirPods Exist Thanks To BlackPods

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Matte Black AirPods

A company called BlackPods is offering custom painted AirPods, but as the name suggests they only offer them in black. Matte black, to be specific. You can buy a pair directly from the company, or send in your own pair and pay to have them coated using a custom process.

Sorry, Apple Didn't Patent a Vape Pen

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Apple patent is about vaporizing metals, not weed

We have the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod, and based on a recently published patent, some are saying the iVape is coming next. Apple’s patent describes something that sounds a lot like the vaping pens you use when you’re sitting on the couch getting baked while watching Scooby-Doo, except that using this design would probably kill you.

Dropcam Founder Greg Duffy Joining Apple Could be a Smart Home Boost

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Dropcam founder Greg Duffy now works for Apple

Dropcam founder and Next executive Greg Duffy has a new gig at Apple, but no one is saying what he’s doing. Considering his inner drive to create cool new things, it’s a safe bet Apple brought him on board for a very interesting project, like the rumored Echo competitor.

Apple's December Earnings Report Set for January 31st

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$AAPL Logo

Apple announced Friday that it will announce earnings for the December quarter—the company’s first fiscal quarter of 2017—on Tuesday, January 31st. Apple’s quarterly conference call with analysts will start at 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST.

Apple Joins Partnership on AI as a Founding Member

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Apple a founding member of the Partnership on AI

Apple’s commitment to the artificial intelligence community is even stronger now that it’s officially a founding member of the Partnership for AI. The organization was created to help shape the future of artificial intelligence technology in an open way.

HBO Go Gets TV App, Single Sign On Support

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HBO Go adds TV app support for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

HBO is finally going all in with Apple’s TV app thanks to a just released update for its HBO Go app. The new version adds TV support, just like the HBO Now app already had, so you can search for HBO content and keep track of what you’re watching in Apple’s app.

Apple Extends Developer Promo for App Store Search Ads

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App Store Search Ad Example

Apple is extending the App Store Search Ads offer for developers until March 30, 2017. Originally, the introductory offer launched back in October was set to expire on December 31, 2016. Developers who sign up get free $100 in credits that go toward App Store ads. The reason is unknown, but 9To5Mac offers a guess.

Apple Didn't Delete LG 5K Display Reviews Because They Were Never There

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Apple never allowed LG UltraFine 5K display reviews

The internet lit up with reports on Wednesday claiming Apple intentionally removed LG UltraFine 5K display reviews from its web-based store because they were negative. Turns out that’s not true: Apple didn’t remove any reviews because it never enabled them for the display.

Apple Watch Gets Theater Mode, More in watchOS 3.2

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watchOS 3.2 adding Theater Mode to Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is about to become far less annoying in movie theaters because the “Theater Mode” feature rumored to be coming to the iPhone is actually destined for your wrist. Apple tipped off developers to that feature and more in an overview of what’s coming in watchOS 3.2.

iOS 10.3 for iPhone and iPad Adds Find My AirPods Feature

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Find My iPhone app tracks lost AirPods in iOS 10.3

If you’re worried about losing your fancy new AirPods, Apple has your back—or your ear. iOS 10.3, which was released as a beta to developers on Tuesday, includes a newFind My AirPods feature to help you track down your wayward wireless earpods.

How to Make Your Amazon Echo Respond to 'Computer' Instead of 'Alexa'

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Amazon Echo Dot responding to

Star Trek taught us years ago that we get the attention of our interactive computer systems by saying, “Computer.” We’re sort of there with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot by saying “Alexa” before issuing a command, but it would be so much cooler if we could say “computer” instead. Turns out you can. Follow along to learn how.

Yoky Matsuoka Left Apple to Return to Nest

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Yoky Matsuoka leaves Apple to return to Nest

Former Nest executive Yoky Matsuoka joined Apple in May 2016, and by December she was gone. Now we know why: she’s back at Nest helping create the company’s long-term smart home technology plans.

Apple Patches 8 Security Flaws in Apple TV with tvOS 10.1.1

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Apple TV (4th Generation)

Apple released tvOS 10.1.1 for Apple TV (4th Generation) on Monday. Apple’s general release notes specify only that, “This update includes general performance and stability improvements.” The Security Content document for the update details eight security flaws that were patched.