Turning an iPhone X into Mobile Street Art (Video)

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Artist and YouTuber Sketch Art turned an iPhone X into mobile street art. Using spray paint, lids, tape, paper, and techniques you might have seen performed live on a downtown sidewalk, he painted a “custom skin” for his iPhone. I’ve always been fascinated by this artform, and while I wouldn’t do it to my own iPhone X, I thought it was amazing. The video below is a 17 minute version where he walks us through the whole process. A 3 minute version posted to Facebook has garnered some 6 million views, but you’ll have to go there to view it.

TMO Background Mode Special Interview with Former Apple Executive and Tech Analyst Michael Gartenberg

· · The Mac Observer's Background Mode Podcast

Michael Gartenberg

Michael Gartenberg is a former Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing and reported directly to Phil Schiller. Currently, he’s a technology analyst and has also been a frequent guest on Background Mode. In this special edition, I asked Michael about his thoughts on his new iPhone X. We covered all the bases: pricing, build quality, Face ID setup and use, the camera, the super-retina AMOLED display, inductive charging, the feel in the hand and balance, the new uses for the side button and battery life. If you’ve been on the fence about this new iPhone X from Apple, you’ll want to hear Michael’s thoughts about Apple’s thinking and his own experiences with the “most impressive product Apple has ever done.”

Record and Live Stream Animoji with AnimojiStudio

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If you have an iPhone X and want to record Animoji longer than 10 seconds, and don’t want to have to send your creations to someone just so you can save them, AnimojiStudio has you covered. The Maccast’s Adam Christianson turned me on to the app, and it’s pretty awesome. You can record and save Animoji videos without Apple’s built-in 10 second cap, and you can live stream your Animoji-fied self on services like Periscope. AnimojiStudio is free, but comes with a catch: it uses Apple’s private APIs so it isn’t on the App Store. You’ll need a paid or free developer account and Xcode to compile and install the app, or sideload the precompiled IPA file.

Record and Live Stream Animoji with AnimojiStudio

iPhone X: How to Reset Face ID

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iPhone X

The iPhone X’s Face ID feature is awesome! Unless it’s not. If you’re having trouble getting yours to work properly and consistently, you can try a reset. We’ll tell you how to do just that in today’s Quick Tip!